One Batch Of Blues Automatic City

Release Date: 28 September 2016
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One Batch Of Blues, Debut album

Out on the Stag O Lee imprint, the quartet gives their own fresh & raw versions of old blues songs on “One Batch Of Blues”.

Sunrise on Automatic City. The hum grows louder under slowly brightening foggy skies, melting urban sounds, and the chaotic rhythms of traffic, factories and the clamor of construction.

Engines on. “Commit a Crime”, percussion kicks in; pulse and beats issue from various instruments and objects of everyday life; cardboard, cans and bottles echo in the tape machine. Guitar riffs roar, moan and slide, saturating the old tweed amplifier’s small speaker. Singing always soulful, swings between high and lows, changing moods and modes, to the backbeat of an ever pounding double bass and the raw strums of acoustic guitar.

Recorded with a handful of microphone on simple live takes, Automatic City stays true the founding fathers, to the roots of blues, the raw energy of a stripped down spontaneous sound, occasionally whisking us away on further musical explorations. an eclecticism which emerges on “God move on the water” bringing in sounds of theremin, sitar,mouth harp and melodica.

There once were giants, by the names of Willie Dixon, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters and Blind Willie Johnson. They sang stories about lost and founds loves, all night balls, cunning escapes, and fateful encounters, Churches and boozers, humanity sailing forth on a domed ship. “People had to run and pray”. Sometimes though, whiskey and women wouldn’t let the old boy do so, but all the folks surely want them to play. All night long !

One Batch Of Blues 10 inch edition vinyl and digipack CD are available here online

One Batch Of Blues credits

is captured live by Ange Bouchonnet, Hervé Bessanay, released in 2016 on Stag O Lee records 

Eric Duperray : vocals,acoustic guitar, sitar, melodica, mouth harp
Emmanuel Mercier : lead and slide guitar, theremin
Raphael Vallade : double bass
Zaza Desiderio : bottles cardboards percussions and drums


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Album Review

Automatic City reprend des classiques dans une urgence urbaine et excitante. Ils restent très blues, donnant l'idée que si Muddy Waters, Elmore James ou Blind Willie Johnson devaient jouer ces titres aujourd'hui, ils le feraient comme ça. Son brut, echo, ambiance live, excellent chant, Eric Duperray (vo, g, hua) Emmanuel Mercier (g), Raphael Vallade (b), Zaza Desiderio (percs) distillent une ambiance prenante et doivent valoir le détour en concert.

- Christophe Mourot SOUL BAG N° 225