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Automatic City plays in its very own way. The quarter keeps it true to some original spirit, with raws sounds, organic grooves, a way of playing recalling the roots of blues and rhythm n blues. They also include more unusual instruments to this style, miscellaneous percussions, old drum machines, and Space Echo, effects and moods, aiming to take this music on an up to date journey.

With soulful vocals, wild electric guitar sounds, slide, theremin or sitar, miscellaneous percussions, like Berimbau, bongoes, bottles and cans, they come up with a unique blend, that will please, voodoo blues, R’n’B, or jazz fans, as well as much wider audiences.

The band is led by guitar player Emmanuel Mercier and Eric Duperray aka Mr Day, includes Raphaël Vallade & Camille Thouvenot on double bass, drummer and percussionist Zaza Desiderio. and Wendlavim Zabsonré.

They released debut album “One batch Of Blues” in 2016. “Bongoes And Tremoloes” on Stag O lee label released in 2017  features this time original material as well, like “Evil Eyes On Me”, “Resolution Blues” and a few instrumentals. “Triple Ripple” , their 3rd album, has just been released this year on their new own imprint Wita records.

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